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Lacrimation   2 comments



here, is my liquid soul
a releasing of my emotion
by me, for me, for you

it may be an overflow of sadness
or happiness, where measure
will never be found equal


in regret or anger it will show
no difference – never clear –
collected, it will have no gender

from the corner of my eye
in that place of furtive glance
awe and elation will be released


within the culture of my dreams
that which is of me, it will never be
undignified or infantile to express

there will be no insincere display
no pretence of crocodile, taste
the salt as it will lay upon my cheek


breathing will be convulsive, the
upper body will spasm, look in to
the eye to capture the moment

it will always start with one and though
age may slow it, to know the truth,
look within the eye and see my



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An Unfolding of Meaning   Leave a comment

An Unfolding of Meaning

Time of death – 11.29pm

I watched as my life, or was it now
my past life, was laid out before me
I gazed upon the physical and saw the
sterile silver of clinical hospital steel

I could not feel its icy touch and
although covered with a single thick,
white sheet, I could see through
to the naked body underneath

at my feet, at the end of that cold
stainless steel hospital gurney,
there lay folded a pure white knitted
blanket and as I hovered there

in that nowhere land, there in that
time between the beat of a heart,
slowly a corner of the blanket began
to unfold and inch slowly over my corpse

unlike other stories written I have no
feel for ghosts, no spectres of doom,
no past, no present no future to spite me,
there was no distant light calling me

my body jolts

light as the shadow I am, I have this
sense that as the blanket moves
my body is changing and even here
floating above myself I can see

a new beginning; I gaze down upon
my body and look this time through the
woven coverings but now there is …
something different

the feet are smaller, the legs have
become spindly with little hair and
as the blanket unfolds further I see
the metamorphosis of my body

the paunch of ninety two years has gone
replaced with the torso of a younger me
one who has yet to experience the many
firsts of things that will become my life

the skin of neck tightens as does
that of face and slowly the liver spots
of old age disappear to be replaced
by a familiar face of youthful times

what meaning unfolds for it appears
that I have not just been reborn
but I have been redrawn, repurposed
to a specific time of space and learning

the blanket has unfolded and covers my body
I can now feel its nerves, its blood warming
memories drain from my ghostly presence and
pour into the physical restructure before me

the clocks spin backwards with ever
increasing speed, changing shape and style
beginning old they become new as they reverse
in time, curtains change, instruments disappear

it is 1938 and this hospital ward is new, I am a
young boy of fifteen, I want to fight the war, this
I now know is the night 75 years to the day that I ran,
away from home to join that second great adventure

I watch as the ghostly apparition of my past
raises itself and appears to run the darkened
hospital corridor towards the blinking yellow light
and the entrance to what will become a lonely life

towards the darkening room a mother and father
walk hand in hand, I now have a decision to make
for I know that from this night so many lives
were changed – my mother died within a year

my father within two, I never saw them again
heart broken their lives could not be sustained
It took me fifty years to find my surviving sister,
and another three had died across the years

I could feel the warmth of unfolded blanket
and cried for all those years without the warmth
or love and nurture of family that I had given
away to a war I was too young to fight

there is a path in life that offers us a choice
to turn one way or the other and I had chosen
what turned out to be, for parents and family
a path too hard for them to bear

my body jolts

beside me another shadow flies, it is my younger me
that spirit that had chosen to run now drawn back,
and as we hold our own hands together we
descend to the physical and begin to breathe

there is a blackness until I feel the gentle touch
of mother hear a breaking voice of manly father
my hand rubs my face, the wrinkles gone,
my head has hair, I open my eyes and wonder

the lonely years have long gone, I am back
a blanket warms my body, another chance
warms my soul, I know no meaning which
can unfold to tell me what has happened

I will leave to you your own interpretation
because what this may mean to me in years
to come, will be different to what you see, for
everyone will have their own unfolding of meaning

(17) – On Anniversaries   Leave a comment

(17) – On Anniversaries

On anniversaries she writes letters
penned with salted tears and the
quills of luckless ravens

broken needle of phonograph

Her feelings of pain and loss
rise and float then sink in link
with phases of the moon and tides

bodkin carved names in dying trees

The years are many, 3 by 10 and more
she has her own Remembrance Day
he knows nothing to remember

puncture scars surround her heart

Secrets told were secrets nonetheless
shock and awe were not just words of war
in love, as painful as a bayonet charge

the mountains in his heart fall

Naivety and youth combined to
produce many years of pain
but the past can not be changed

his pulse stabs a sharpness

On anniversaries she wrote letters
but none were ever sent for it was
the secret of her heart to hold

For him now with the secret told
comes guilt, on anniversaries
he writes letters

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(20) – Under Street Lights You Can Fill In the Spaces   Leave a comment

(20) – Under Street Lights You Can Fill In the Spaces

Under street light I st…
empty palm, a shattered …
having found my …. of ages
I do not ……….
why these dreams ….. me
why these dreams ….. me
why I …..
This is no age of …… or ……
for wisdom does not …. to
…. me, to …. me, to …. me

Under street ….. I sit
the …… of this world . ….
my ……… sag as does .. …..
I feel …… of ……. though
I have …………. enough
Absence will ….. my ….
Though it … not quench .. ….
I need to … in … arms of ……..
My time will … …. in this ….
My tears …. run in another ……

Under street lights
you can fill in the ……

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(22) – Where the Water Runs   Leave a comment

(22) – Where the Water Runs

Where the water runs soft
a newborn child is bathed in
the loving hand of parent

Where the water runs slow
children squeal chasing bait
fish on a receding tide

Where the water runs wild
innocence gives way to lessons
on how to survive the rip

Where the water runs hard
no number of lessons can
prepare you for what lies ahead

Where the water runs straight
we find it can be an illusion
full of unrealistic dreams

Where the water runs twisting
it can be the mirror river of our life
but not the one we would have chosen

Where the water sits and never runs
tormented souls of the unloved
stand anchored and lost forever

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(23) – I’m Still Just a Simple Man   Leave a comment

I’m still just a simple man – I don’t get, subtle

The years have flown since I first said these words
But nothing changes – I still don’t get, subtle

I don’t mean to be rude
Or appear to be ignoring you
But my brain works differently
It’s not like the brain of a woman

A woman’s brain can multi task
Think of a hundred things at once
Solve problems before they arise
See things that I need to do before I do
Even read a street directory better than a man

But you need to understand me
If you hide your love from me and
I don’t respond to your thoughts
Please don’t think ill of my actions
Perhaps you are too subtle for me
So tell me your feelings
in words I understand

Speak freely to me in all you say
After all, I’m still only a man –
I don’t ‘get’ subtle

(27) – Beneath the Elder Trees   Leave a comment

(27) – Beneath the Elder Trees

We will wish our names onto trees
Hazel Treefolk will sear their skin
proclaiming our love to the world,
their sentience bringing wisdom

In heart shaped earthly forest our
feet will run the dreaming floor
across leaves and fallen limbs,
renewing our energy for life

In time we will lay and sleep
beneath the elder trees and
there beside a welling spring,
we will become entwined as one

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