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We could
Pick the day
To be our last
Living on this earth
For the reason of pain,
In a manner of our choice
And a time and place of choosing,
Would we have the courage to say yes
With the question of euthanasia asked

What beliefs to those terminally ill
Are they conflicted in daily thought
Does their religion arrive with
False promises of healing,
Is there a right to choose
No matter how hard,
With eyes open
Do we say
Yes or


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Hi-Lux for Sale

The Toyota Hi-Lux sits on a Toorak/Rose Bay/Ascot sidewalk. The paintwork is immaculate, the rims are spotless and the tyres look brand new, although I suspect they are at least three years old. This is not Katter country! Inner city in any city is still in a city. In the three bay garage is a Gurney Super 130.3 Pressure Cleaner – the one with the under car nozzle so you can clean the salt off the chassis and under body after a day on the beach – the box remains unopened. On the windscreen are the yearly passes to National Parks, State Forests and beach reserves that have never seen the tread of the Bridgestone tyres. Time or timing was always the problem. The Warn 101145 Axon 45 Powersport winch, with its 50’ of 1/4 inch steel rope sits boastfully at the front of the vehicle – the digital corded remote has not been seen for three years. In the garage sits a restored 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia which the owners admit is purely for show. Fair enough, we all have things for show, some things just cost a little more than others. The payments on the every day drive, the Landcruiser, are six months behind, the private school fees have risen 29% this year and house payments are not discussed. The decision to sell was eas…

Hi-Lux for sale. One owner. Low klms. Immaculate condition. Priced for a quick sale – $45,000 or nearest offer. Contact owner…

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Take Your Pick   Leave a comment

Take Your Pick

Shit me
Not you twat
I’ve seen your work
Those traits you exude
Your aura hides your pride
You come across as humble
When you are selling us your lies
Do we look like we are deaf and blind
Take your pick, politics or religion

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This entity we know as earth
This living organism – Gaia
Who we abused so many times
She now cries loudly to be healed

That which we have relied upon
This entity we know as earth
Sitting one minute to midnight
Do we wait for the clock to turn

Our actions will always judge us
Do we heal her now or later
This entity we know as earth
Is there to be another chance

Dream of the day we do not fight
When our kindness replaces greed
And we take the time for healing
This entity we know as earth

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Requiring a moral balance
Politics has an imbalance
Politicians are much the same
We maintain balance in our health
Yet let ourselves be ruled by wealth
Then we call politics insane
Walking an unbalanced tightrope
We bow down to the misanthrope
We’re governed by the inhumane

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If I Told You

Blank landscapes are not what they seem
Shattered earth lost paradise dream
A world now led to the extreme
Corrupt regime, corrupt regime

Contours of the earth now broken
Words of truth remain unspoken
How long before we are woken
Just a token, just a token

Scars of corruption everywhere
We cannot win with false prayer
This world is full of blind despair
Are you aware, are you aware

Last chances a thing of the past
A new world cannot be recast
This was our first this is our last
A nuclear blast, a nuclear blast

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To Know What Friendship Is   Leave a comment

To Know What Friendship Is

To know what friendship is
To relate through the times
Of the quarrels we’ve had
Where others fail to grow
Dream the good times not bad

To know what friendship is
We look to the future
See errors of the past
Live life to the fullest
Don’t leave a heart half mast

To know what friendship is
Embrace diversity
Listen to other views
Engage with a whole heart
We are of many hues

To know what friendship is
Remember forgiveness
Me to you, you to me
For feelings of the heart
There’s no need to review

To know what friendship is
Celebrate tomorrow
We give ideally
Keep all the secrets shared
Give our friendship freely

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