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I will post messages daily
They could read for anyone
But they are only for you


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A photograph,
an unspoken conversation.
Look at me, I am here,
I see you there,
I love your view.
Have you been there?
I would like to go here.
We do not need words when we
can see through each other’s eyes.
I see a picture of your face,
it tells me you are happy.
Mine may tell you the same,
or that maybe I am tired.
You were up early, for I can
recognise a rising sun.
I was up late, the photo blurred,
maybe I drank too much.
We do not need to speak,
when we can see.

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Reduce the distance between
and the time available for
dinner reservations – move the town

I drive south along quiet streets,
where the mix of commercial buildings
and four bedroom two bathroom
double garage homes all have
things in common

nothing and nothingness,
or empty and emptiness,
the boom came and went
as did the people,
but the debt still remains

the pubs fading chalkboard reads
“Two for Tuesday T’bones – $38.00”
Clive Palmer would have ordered a double

not far away a security light
struggles to illuminate a
deserted public library,
who knows why for even the
thieves have left this place

a plaque sits somewhere in
in the middle of town reading,
“This town was opened by
Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen for the
benefit of…” – the rest is missing

the torn remains of the banner
for an Italian food festival
still straddles the main street

this town was bankrupt long
before it was deserted, money
does funny things to morals,
though strangely it never
bothered the politicians

[euthanasia, an act of killing
painlessly, a mercy killing],
yet there was no easy death here,
this town screamed all the way
to its open cut grave

homeless and hungry, they moved
towns, there’s always a new
restaurant just up the road

immerse yourself in the mines
and they all look the same,
a strand of coolabah trees
would have stood where now
there is only a hole in the ground

nothing defines a mining
towns character anymore,
it just doesn’t exist
politicians and workers,
they fly in, they fly out

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to know a sense of
harmony and beauty
in proportion and balance
where division into two
can bring to each
a mirror image of soul
where in transformation
the individual pieces
can be separated
as long as each shape
does not change
there will always remain


as invariance
a lack of change
our bodies
left and right
upper and lower
bilaterally symmetric
for purpose
yet I will challenge
the science of biology
for our separate hearts
will always be in


where we display
empathy and sympathy
apology and dialog
respect and justice
where we speak
“we are all the same”
and deny
“I am special; better than you”
a peer relationship or
a power relationship
I know which I choose
do you


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In time, everything will happen
But not everything may happen in time
This time may not be the time in which it happens
The time after the time after time, may be its only time
Time,I want this time to be in my now time
A timeout is no use
It’s a pity this time around is not the right time
Timing – in time – is everything

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the bay is brown (or grey)
the water is choppy
the time reads 15 min
before, it read an hour
slowly, cars drive by
a woman breast feeds
cars park
windows window
chairs sit
hearts bleed
hormone shots are subsidised
one dog strains the leash
as another drives by
winds blow
minds sleep
common sense thinks (or not)
a coffee buzz, a coffee buzz, a coffee buzz
the time reads 18 min
bladders wait for no man or woman
a mind in turmoil
a customer in need
a barista at the end of his shift
a heart at the end of its tether
as the art on the wall hangs
the conversation comes to an end
as thoughts go on forever
all that’s missing is someone to talk to
the coffee cup is empty

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