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Winston Smith

2017, Orwellian times are here
This future from a past of fiction
Winston Smiths we all became
Our re-education now
Seems so utterly complete
Existing in this totalitarian state
A time of perpetual death
And unwinnable wars

We seek the Winston of old
He who was once in us all
He who would question the Minitrue
(Even if quietly)
Why do we believe the Newspeak?
Have I misspelled?
Is the truth really the truth?
Or is it only as the truth is written

Have we now become the Proles?
The uneducated, the working class
In new age terms we are the 99%
Of middle class, the Outer Party almost gone
Those thought police control the minds
The shock jocks on the airwaves
Where ruling elite behold only to their own
Have we become the unpersons of our time?

They watch us now, most every day
Every place, every way, every time,
Do we really love the big mutha
Or are we so saturated, our ideas so controlled
That we cannot think an original thought
Where we believe that black is white
Is really black is white
Doublethink the contradictory beliefs

The names may change yet the intoxication
Of the ideology still remains
Where the O’Brien’s of this new world lead
And everything’s right until they’re caught
Where the Hates are funded and contrived
Under the spreading chestnut trees
Who has betrayed the revolution?
By whose hand does this world now turn?


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