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Opening Lines

Someone once told me to
“write with impunity”
I didn’t know what they meant
so I just continued to write
whatever I damn well pleased

They told me
“pour your words onto the page”
but I drank too many of them instead
and ended up vomiting poems that
always had the word “carrot”

I heard the Eagles sing “listen to the music”
I tried to listen but in the end I was,
tone deaf, rhythm deaf and beat deaf
as a musician I would have made
a mediocre carrot farmer

I was told to try “art”, I said “which one”
my paintings were colourful, abstract and bad
I could not “get” faces,
and no matter what I painted
somewhere, there was always a carrot!

If a poem was just a title, or just one line
I could nail it, but I cannot keep to task
This poem was supposed to say
“something about love”
but it just feels like carrots


Posted 25/08/2016 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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