We Are Better Than That   Leave a comment

once upon a time the world was sold an ass by the story telling of just 12 men whose
words were plagiarised by the powerful, to suit the few – we may never know their truth – today an
ass sells stories created in his own image and tells us it is news

once, a conclave of unrepentant sinners sat in judgement on better people – now ruby shoes
adorn the feet of a man elevated to power on a single puff of white smoke – as the blind
knelt and prayed, the sighted should have seen this coming.

everywhere, fanatical nations without lands rise & rage against someone’s idolatry,
based on nothing more than their own twisted ideology; who knew it would come to this.
I would ask Little Johnny, if he knew now what he knew then, what would he do

the ignorant chase Pokémon through the streets, an excuse for not having to look at the
poor and homeless as they walk by with their heads buried in metallic sand – you see,
the poor have no value in a game that has no value in a game that has no value within a game

feel the greed, where the greedy are too rich for the rich, yet the rich are still greedy for the
money of the poor who are still poor because the rich are too greedy and the greedy just
want more, too greedy

we now ignore where the wrong have wronged, where the few have wronged the true,
where the true can no longer speak the truth because the few can spew what they will say is
true, no fact check now, for the ABC is for them, not you

we awake in a bed, not a boat, hoping beyond hope that the words we will hear are a
solution not a joke – we are not Armani in a suit, or a budgie in a sack, our politics should
say, we are better than that


Posted 10/08/2016 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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