20 Thousand Red Kimonos   Leave a comment

I started washing kimonos, slowly,

and only ever by hand

They were beautiful, so delicate

I would wash them in soft water

for hard water was too harsh

After washing they were hung to

dry in the cherry blossom orchards

where the falling blossoms would

delicately stroke each kimono,

infusing in each a heady scent

Field after field of cherry blossom

So many kimonos floating on the wind

As each kimono would dry, I would gently

fold it and place it on clean brown paper

and tie it with hand spun string

I would wash the kimonos with love and care,

though that is not to say they were dirty

After each was prepared I would find a soul

for the kimono, give permission for it to be worn

then bow, retreat, and return to the task at hand

I will wash 20 thousand red kimonos,
ask forgiveness and give
permission for them to be worn


Posted 11/07/2016 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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