Bullshit Won’t Factor Life Into the Equation, But I Will   Leave a comment

Bullshit Won’t Factor Life Into the Equation, But I Will

The banana leaves can’t be eaten, they have been tainted by rising sea water – there are no bananas. The coconut milk is curdled. The fish are dying before us, the evidence is the lack of food on our plate. We are the cockerel that has crowed more times than three, yet you still deny our obvious truth. You don’t know my island name because I have almost disappeared. You certainly won’t know me when I am lost forever. It will only take a small rise in the Liquid (un)Natural Progression (LNP) before we are all gone. We are a family of islands, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, we cannot swim and there are no lifesavers. Our people are an ocean people, a boat people, but they have been sabotaged like the Rainbow Warrior. It was not necessarily the French. We were told a truth that we believed, but it was nothing more than a cold call scam. Our richness was our people and culture, but the rich and greedy stopped noticing us when slavery was outlawed. Why help anyone when there is no profit. We would welcome you to our home with leis and kind words, even when you thought of us as ‘quaint’. Our hearts were big. We have asked you for help, but are not too sure – we have seen how you treat others. We have history with the custodians of your land. They welcomed us, as they did you, but you return no favour. Rising from our bed each morning salt water laps around our ankles. You tell us, “just move your homes”. Your ignorance shows, you can move a house but you cannot move a home. You, with your harbourside and mountain views, you, just live in a ‘thing’ – with no heart and no soul. As the water rises, I can feel the cold of the ocean depths – I pray it is not the coldness of eternal death instead.

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