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You ground me
Like clean bare feet
touching freshly ploughed earth
I feel the cool damp of soil as
I walk amongst the birds
looking for food in the
freshly turned sods of our
own heaven and earth


You strengthen my spine
and give me backbone
encourage me to stand
straight against adversity
You do not demand of me
that which I am not
Yet you remind me often
of who I could be


There is us
We are a series
closely related in time
yet distinct from our peers
We can be a series of days
or just a series of moments where
one thing will lead to the next
We are two in a circuit


There is a bridge
It is not something that separates us
it is an object that links us
that brings us closer
It provides us passage
Yet it also supports us,
like the strings on a violin,
transmitting our vibrations


We bond, we form alliance
we systematically overlap
we are an alternating arrangement
of you and me and me and you
We need to hold no bond for
our hearts and mind are already one
You cannot hold bond against something
that is inseparable



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