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#TheDirtyThirty #Day29

Anthony, Antonius, Antony

I am
Saint Anthony of Kiev
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint Anthony the Great
Saint Anthony the Hermit
I am masculine
I am a town I have never visited
I am an award that I have never won
I am a fictional comic book character I have never read
I am a descendant of Anton, son of Heracles
I am one hunk of a Sex God – apparently
I am the Antony with Cleopatra
I am the experience to be had
I am the finder of lost things

I am all of these
I am none of these

I am real


Holy canoli. We’re in our penultimateThe day! Today we’re going to write a name poem. That is exactly what it sounds like it is. A poem about your name. Where does it come from? What does it mean to you? Who gave it to you? Who wore it before you? Do you like it? Do you not? All the above? Etc. Brevity is key and since we’re so close to the end of the month I hope editing is becoming a commonplace part of your writing process. Write in passion, edit in cold blood. It’s not just easier for me to read through all the poetry, but it’s even better for your writing because you learn how to trim the extra and unnecessary fluff in your writing, thereby exposing the sleek and shiny core of the point you’re making. I’ve attached a video by the THIRD poet in a row from Denver, Colorado (I met a lot of cool people in Denver!). Toluwanimi is an incredibly powerful performer who tethers herself strongly to her heritage and this piece WILL, I repeat WILL, blow you away. Happy writing and good luck!


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