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#TheDirtyThirty #Day23


Tomorrow, you’re writing a poem from the perspective of a natural element ie. water, fire, earth etc., or a force of nature, for instance, a hurricane, earthquake, tornado etc.
The clincher: the poem gets shorter with each line.

Anatomy of a Cyclone

I am known by many names; cyclone, typhoon, hurricane
But I prefer the name I was born with, you know, Derek
I am so intense, yet constant, always turning in circles
I love warm tropical oceans but I never stay put there
Characterize me with very low atmospheric pressure
I bring with me such high wind and very heavy rain
My strength I gather from the warm seas beneath
Moving quickly from 120km per hour to 240 km
When the need arises I can go so much faster
I bring torrential rain that can drown the land
I can surge to heights not normally known
In the southern land I will be found early
I can be very compact or large in size
Look into my eye and see the calm
When I fall on land, you will know
Watch the convergence of air
And the risings of moisture
I may stall for some time
But in the stormy end
Like all those before
I will no longer be
Cyclone Derek
I will forever
Be dead
No life


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