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When Does the Story Ever End

When she sleeps, the stainless steel park bench
encases her cold tired body like an exoskeleton
Eight pages of a faded Murdoch broadsheet
will make a poor substitute for a blanket

Overhead a silver contrail slashes a cold blue sky,
on the park bench she contemplates her wrists and the
rubber gripped, (so it won’t slip when wet) Jamie Oliver
carving knife she has just stolen from Westfield.

Her mind drifts and she can smell the legs of
spring lamb she has seen Jamie cook on TV
She wishes for one last meal before she goes
No one wants to die hungry

She reads the billboard across the park – “having a
gun in a domestic violence situation increases a women’s
risk of being killed by 500%” – she laughs ironically,
“what about the guarantee of sending them crazy as well”

It was the psychological that got to her
the verbal threat that never eventuated,
the raised hand that never landed a blow,
the twirling gun that never fired a shot

Nowhere to turn and nowhere to hide
She worked three jobs while he sat at home
and drank, she stuffed her mouth with
him whenever he barked

The day after her tears had stopped falling
she disappeared into the night time never
ever land of the city’s streets, for a time
feeling safer there, than living with him

She looks at the knife – when does the story end


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