Title: This poem is for the one and only person that I ever truly loved who did not know that I loved them because unfortunately I never told them and would have never told them because it was a secret and secrets could not be told to anyone even if it was the person that the secret was about because that was not the right thing to do and I would not have wanted to make them feel uncomfortable about the relationship and would rather have had a relationship based on friendship instead of no relationship at all no matter what advice I felt only too free to provide to myself even though I never asked for it   Leave a comment

#TheDirtyThirty #Day20





We are exactly up to the last third of the month. Time flies so fast! Today your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem for or to someone you’ve never. Could be a movie star, could be a historical figure (alive or passed on), could be an estranged family member, it’s up to you.


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