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#TheDirtyThirty #Day11

Matthew 5:28

Once I look, I sin
Caught by religious baggage
in my upbringing

I look again

This sin, this capital sin
One of seven deadly, but,
As I am told, not mortal

I look again

Into her eyes when we meet
Feeling always the same
A heart feels what the heart feels

I look again

But when is a sin not a sin
Who dictates to me
That I have sinned

I look again

If we both look
If we both think
How can it be a sin

I look again

I believe in your right
As you believe in mine
But you see, I can’t believe

I look again

I can’t believe in sin if
I don’t believe in religion
Apologies Matthew

I look again


7 Deadly Sins. The Divine Comedy is one hell of an epic and today we’re all about that life.
Write a poem about the Deadly Sin you feel you’re guilty of most but without telling us what it is.


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