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#TheDirtyThirty #Day9


Write a poem about a time you were tempted to do something that you feel (or may be considered) ‘wrong’…it could be in a more traditional/ serious sense, from the cheating and criminal, to the more mundane like … not brushing your teeth before you go to bed (das willlld man!!) or sneaking in a piece of red velvet when you’re meant to be on a “diet”.

The Body of Christ

Born to a fervent post war catholic family
on the day I entered the world I was blessed
As time passed I went through all those things
expected, demanded even, of a young catholic boy
Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Communion
I could tell you that I was so often tempted to lie
but then was that such a temptation, after all,
we had confession to redeem us if we did
But of all our very religious of rulings
the one thing we were to never do,
the temptation never to give in to,
was to touch the white wafer
given to us at Communion,
the Body of Christ

Of all the temptations…
Of all the temptations as a young…
Of all the temptations as a young catholic boy…
Of all the temptations as a young catholic boy who…

Oh damn it
I did it, okay
it was nearly falling out
I pushed it back in my mouth
I touched it
You got a problem with that


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