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#TheDirtyThirty #Day8 #Free-write #Blitzpoem

People to Help

Free write
Free people
People read
People need
Need peace
Need less pain
Pain inflicted
Pain a gain
Gain for the rich
Gain more
More money
More scores
Scores on wages
Scores on tax
Tax the stupid
Tax the poor
Poor old them
Poor old clowns
Clowns once funny
Clowns run towns
Towns of contrast
Towns in flames
Flames of anger
Flames of race
Race and racists
Race and hate
Hate refugees
Hate their wars
Wars on terror
Wars of more
More for arms dealers
More for greed
Greed is good
Greed is a need
Need to exploit
Need to expand
Expand their empire
Expand their land
Land is destroyed
Land is stolen
Stolen people
Stolen lines
Lines of hunger
Lines for help
Help us all
Help them out
Out in time
Out and about


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