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#TheDirtyThirty #Day30 #beer #Haiku

Hops and summer sun
The growing season is sweet
Cheers mate bottoms up


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#TheDirtyThirty #Day29

Anthony, Antonius, Antony

I am
Saint Anthony of Kiev
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint Anthony the Great
Saint Anthony the Hermit
I am masculine
I am a town I have never visited
I am an award that I have never won
I am a fictional comic book character I have never read
I am a descendant of Anton, son of Heracles
I am one hunk of a Sex God – apparently
I am the Antony with Cleopatra
I am the experience to be had
I am the finder of lost things

I am all of these
I am none of these

I am real


Holy canoli. We’re in our penultimateThe day! Today we’re going to write a name poem. That is exactly what it sounds like it is. A poem about your name. Where does it come from? What does it mean to you? Who gave it to you? Who wore it before you? Do you like it? Do you not? All the above? Etc. Brevity is key and since we’re so close to the end of the month I hope editing is becoming a commonplace part of your writing process. Write in passion, edit in cold blood. It’s not just easier for me to read through all the poetry, but it’s even better for your writing because you learn how to trim the extra and unnecessary fluff in your writing, thereby exposing the sleek and shiny core of the point you’re making. I’ve attached a video by the THIRD poet in a row from Denver, Colorado (I met a lot of cool people in Denver!). Toluwanimi is an incredibly powerful performer who tethers herself strongly to her heritage and this piece WILL, I repeat WILL, blow you away. Happy writing and good luck!

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#TheDirtyThirty #Day28


I hate, NO, I don’t
I hate, NO, I can’t
I hate, NO, I won’t
I hate, NO, I couldn’t
I hate, NO, I wouldn’t
I hate, NO, I refuse
I hate, NO, I reject
I hate, NO, I pity

If you hate, come to me
I will give you love


So we’ve acknowledged the women in our lives with incredible tributes. Today, let’s give the men some love. A poem about a man in your life. Preferably a positive one, but I’m not gonna stop you writing about that trash ex you had. Do you! The kicker? Write the poem in love but start every line with “I hate”. For example, “I hate the vertigo I get when you put me on your shoulders, baba”. I’ve attached a video I used last year and adore so much. Ayinde makes me cry with his voice and his poetry and this piece is an incredible tribute to his grandfather. Use it as inspiration. Happy writing and good luck!

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#TheDirtyThirty #Day27

I Am

She opens me
Tips a finger to her tongue

She touches me gently
The bend of my corner is soft

There are no hard corner creases
There is, a perfect turned coil

I feel the gaze of her eyes
As she leafs through my life

She takes me in
Again and again and again

My words inhabit her, inspire her
She listens to me in her mind

I am her Shakespeare’s sonnets
Her Sylvia Plath before the end

I am copyrighted
Yet she uses me in so many ways

I am inspiration, I am sorrow
I am pleasure, I am joy

I am


We’re so close to the end now and what would The Dirty Thirty be without honoring the women in our lives. Men get enough appreciation and a lot of the time they’re doing the appreciating themselves. I write a lot about my mother and my grandmother because I would be a wreck of a human being without them. The challenge? Write from the perspective of an item this woman has or uses. For example, does your sister have a favorite dress? Write a poem from the dress’s perspective. What would the dress have to say about the woman who wears it? You get the idea. Remember, brevity is key, pretty please! Be nice to the friendly curator!

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#TheDirtyThirty #Day26

Doctor Donna

I remember the Ood
I do
I remember the Ood
They spoke of the Doctor Donna

Born in a battle of blood and anger,
Doctor Donna, we had the best of times
But now we stand where we cannot be
There cannot be a Human-Time Lord
This crisis cannot exist, we cannot be

Crying, Donna pleaded,
She did not want to go back
She cried as the doctor took
His/her memories back
The Doctor stood stone faced

Bringing her home
To the care of her mother
Her memories forgotten
The Doctor sad, the mother intractable
The grandfather, Wilfred, grief stricken

Wilfred stands at the front door of his house
Atmospheric disturbances bring the rain
There is a tear as Wilfred gives a final salute
To the Doctor, the Doctor Doctor, not the Doctor Donna
Inside the TARDIS the Doctor sheds a tear

As I watch the television, I also cry
Life confuses me at times, when
Fiction can bring a tear easier than real life
I’ve lost friends and family, yet my tears,
my tears, my tears; I remember the Ood



The word for today is “mourning”. More details in the video although there isn’t much more to it than that. Pain is a difficult area in poetry because it can trigger us emotionally but it can also be a very deep source of literary growth. It is up to you today to decide whether writing on this topic will be helping you reconcile the death of a loved one and grow emotionally, or whether it will set you back in that growth. If you feel like it will be the latter, then we urge you to free write today or sit it out if that pleases you. We also want to make it clear that some of the other poems posted today may be triggering and so if you sit today out, it may also be a good idea to avoid perusing the page. We say this for your own mental health. These topics of pain and sorrow can be difficult to navigate but we won’t exclude them because they are also necessary. Let us also make it clear that Sara and I will be readily available to answer any questions and provide what consolation we’re able to if you’re struggling with today or need someone to talk to. We also urge you to utilize your own support networks if you have them. Happy writing, stay safe and good luck.

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#TheDirtyThirty #Day25

Beer, bewdy, my favourite
Chilled, cold to drink
Having holders handy
Fingers flamingo pink
Lubricated lips are loose
Words without a thought
Drinkers dialect different
Hangover heads taught nought


Write a poem about an inanimate object…You can write a quirky poem about how much you love your kettle or ugg boots, or you can opt for something a little more serious, like your passport and what that symbolises…up to you entirely – surprise us!

Keen for a challenge?
Each line of the poem should include an alliteration of 2 or more words.
(alliteration is the repetition of the same letter at the beginning of a series of words. Eg. “Creamy coffee”)

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#TheDirtyThirty #Day23


Tomorrow, you’re writing a poem from the perspective of a natural element ie. water, fire, earth etc., or a force of nature, for instance, a hurricane, earthquake, tornado etc.
The clincher: the poem gets shorter with each line.

Anatomy of a Cyclone

I am known by many names; cyclone, typhoon, hurricane
But I prefer the name I was born with, you know, Derek
I am so intense, yet constant, always turning in circles
I love warm tropical oceans but I never stay put there
Characterize me with very low atmospheric pressure
I bring with me such high wind and very heavy rain
My strength I gather from the warm seas beneath
Moving quickly from 120km per hour to 240 km
When the need arises I can go so much faster
I bring torrential rain that can drown the land
I can surge to heights not normally known
In the southern land I will be found early
I can be very compact or large in size
Look into my eye and see the calm
When I fall on land, you will know
Watch the convergence of air
And the risings of moisture
I may stall for some time
But in the stormy end
Like all those before
I will no longer be
Cyclone Derek
I will forever
Be dead
No life

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