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The Strip

A camouflaged ice cream truck parks down the side alley. Children commando crawl along the red brick wall. Cream is now the new ice for 6 year olds. In the mini mart, ice creams are no longer on display – in plain paper packaging you have to ask for them by name. The shoe store next door is only for women in a certain age bracket (their husbands must earn more than $250,000 per year). The styles are fine for some. A new cafe stands next door, although the building is on its knees. The menus along this strip are all the same – raisin toast, avocado toast and eggs Benedict – on toast. An expensive unique fashion boutique stands beside a project compassion store. I wonder if they mutually exclude each other’s customers. Brown, single roast, ethical, fair trade coffees, in large or medium sizes only, look out over a mirror sheen plate of blue steel. Sometimes blue and brown do go together. The starting price is $780,000. Nine floors of capitalistic views – but only for those that are up front with cash. If the purchase price won’t kill you, the body corporate fees will. Downstairs the accountant and the hairdresser sit side by side. One cuts hair, the other taxes. Which one does not feel guilty drinking ethical coffee. The Chinese restaurant never seems to have customers while the fish shop next door is always full. This suburb is white middle class baby boomer territory and it shows in their appetites. Sometimes there are no other logical explanations.


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