Retrograde   1 comment


I’m in retrograde

Reverting to an earlier way
an inferior condition maybe
opposite to what you may
know as my usual order

Tending backward?

For I am no celestial body
I prefer to move clock-
wise from east to west
unlike the norm

To decline in the usual manner
(for the usual)
but I have never been “usual”,
more, unusual in opposition

Degenerate or degenerate
one having declined
the other having given in to
can they be the same

Sill trending backward?

I have turned around
my position is reverse to
the order that once was
from better to worse or reverse

Is it easier to retire and retreat
or revolt within revolution
as I hash and rehash this
the answer itself is in retrograde

Posted 18/02/2016 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

One response to “Retrograde

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  1. retrograde is in itself the answer
    reverse or worse to better from
    once was that order the
    reverse to my position is


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