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The one legged man jumps in singularity across the hot bitumen road, dinner plates breaking as they fall from his arms. His home made porcelain tea service, kiln fired in the neighbours ceiling, is not a good imitation. A creeping vine tangles itself through the red curly locks of identical twins standing silently by the side of the road. There is a tunnel. On Fridays, the local fish and chip shop will serve their meals with only vinegar and tartar sauce. They charge based on the size of the potato. Manchester accents blare from the television set still operating in the abandoned studio apartment across the street. There is no electricity. The town markets have noted a declining number of fish arriving from the local fishing village three miles out of town. They are yet to determine whether the fish, or the fishermen, are in decline. The one armed man is still on the run and has joined forces with the one legged man. Their future does not look bright. “Ramrod straight you slacker, ramrod straight’, the regimental sergeant major yells. The parade ground trembles with fear. A starting line is painted across a single lane bitumen road. The city is twenty miles away but hundreds of people are there – all over sixty. This is old school – Phase 3 v Monaro v Charger. It is no competition in whatever phase of life you are. Harold Holt has died again and again and again. There was no Chinese submarine. Three blind mice have run straight into a brick wall and are currently on their way to emergency. The capuchin monkey was relentless, the Order of Capuchin Friars less so. A 4am the road sweeper clears the dinner plates from the road – another day starts.


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Abstract Nonsense

Extract my underlying essence
remove my dependence on the real
I may once have been connected
but now I have a wider application

Am I phenomena, matched
with other equivalent equations
or maybe I am all in the theory
be I category or model

I am defined as abstract structure
but only since the underlying rules
and concepts were identified as
I began from real world problems

Was I geometry, where my distance
and area was calculated
Or was I algebra, where my problems
we’re solved in arithmetic

As abstraction I have advantage
connections between difference are deep
to know me once can suggest results
when you know me twice

As abstraction I have disadvantage
concepts can be difficult to learn
maturity and experience needed for
the abstract assimilation of concepts

General ideas and constructs aside
I will display a uniformity throughout
and when you assume to know me it
will be true through abstract nonsense

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Retrograde   1 comment


I’m in retrograde

Reverting to an earlier way
an inferior condition maybe
opposite to what you may
know as my usual order

Tending backward?

For I am no celestial body
I prefer to move clock-
wise from east to west
unlike the norm

To decline in the usual manner
(for the usual)
but I have never been “usual”,
more, unusual in opposition

Degenerate or degenerate
one having declined
the other having given in to
can they be the same

Sill trending backward?

I have turned around
my position is reverse to
the order that once was
from better to worse or reverse

Is it easier to retire and retreat
or revolt within revolution
as I hash and rehash this
the answer itself is in retrograde

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Don’t Ask

I know the answer,
I’ve always known the answer,
I will always know the answer even if the question is never asked,
I may not always accept my own answer,
The answer may not always be the same,
But it will be the true answer nonetheless

Just don’t ask me the question…

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