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The Red Thread of Destiny

Speak to me of many a wilder thing
of love upon love and then of
lattice strings of melted moments
show me the sights to infinity
the loving moments of stars
sparkling moonlit beaches where
sand is littered with seashells and we
will listen to the last breath of waves
rushing to fill our footprints in the sand
there upon arm in arm as kisses meet
upon lips of sweet tenderness I will see
the once upon a red moon reflected
in your translucent eyes and as the
light within your soul beams outward
I will see a red thread of light twisting
turning around this world searching
looking for that place to anchor for
that one of which fate decrees
is to forever be the one for you
call it what you will
the red thread of fate or
the red thread of destiny but I see
within my heart that we are not meant
I can see the red thread of destiny
tied to your ankle and leading to
a lover you are destined to find
I look to my own and see only nakedness
no red thread of destiny and I wonder
am I to remain loveless in this life
or is my twin flame yet to be awakened
all I know in this time and place is
that you and I are not meant to be
I give you strength to steady your body
through my physical and spiritual presence
but know that I take as much from you
our lives turn a twist of time, a turn of fate
whatever the words or feelings felt
it is the red thread of destiny that leads
and as you live the life meant for you
I will live the life meant for me


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