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I think we’re all dead
I looked at the sky
It seems sort of weird
The sun is out but the
Clouds look kind of different
They have a dull glow yet
The sky seems muted
Maybe the clouds have
Come from the bomb
You know
The big one
I don’t think it dropped here
Not in Australia
Maybe some other country
But radiation will kill anywhere
If enough bombs go off
I wonder who started it
Am I really in this body
Or are these just my thoughts
Rumbling along in the train
I don’t feel sick
Death didn’t hurt
As far as I know
I still think we’re all dead
Is this it
Are my memories my life
I suppose these ones are
Better than the painful
Memories of a nuclear death
If I have reached the ultimate
Why couldn’t I dream of a
better life to live for eternity
Are you dead also
What does the sky look like
In your neck of the woods
The sun has an orange glow
I think it’s the sun
I look again at the sky
I still think we’re all dead


Posted 04/11/2015 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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