Symmetry   Leave a comment


to know a sense of
harmony and beauty
in proportion and balance
where division into two
can bring to each
a mirror image of soul
where in transformation
the individual pieces
can be separated
as long as each shape
does not change
there will always remain


as invariance
a lack of change
our bodies
left and right
upper and lower
bilaterally symmetric
for purpose
yet I will challenge
the science of biology
for our separate hearts
will always be in


where we display
empathy and sympathy
apology and dialog
respect and justice
where we speak
“we are all the same”
and deny
“I am special; better than you”
a peer relationship or
a power relationship
I know which I choose
do you



Posted 19/07/2015 by DarKarsean in Life, Love, Musing, poem, poetic, poetry, Uncategorized

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