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Made of Woman


From the Shires in the north
they fled, persecuted, their
towns lost, but not their faith

Strong in that which he would lose,
nothing could rock the faith that
she held so dear to self and family

Her teachings of right and wrong
would lead him to a path in life,
that he would always try to follow


A Celtic woman from King Arthur’s land,
tall and strong, bound to tradition by
a collective wisdom from another time

She took his hand and led him out of
childhood, showed him what it was to love
but they were too young to marry

He always remembered her, and she him,
but their reasons were not the same
and for 37 years she kept her secret


Like hardened flint struck in Norman
conquest, ancestors born to war, she
lived her life with strength and resilience

With inner strength, born of a small town
always in war, she immersed herself in
community, even when it rejected her

He told her she would never find
anyone as good as him, he has
regretted his ego ever since


From ancient Anglo-Saxon tribe,
a maker, a crafter of objects,
of musical instruments, of man

As a maker of man her craft was,
invaluable, intimate, indelible, he
never gave as much as she deserved

Forgoing the physical, it was the
emotional toll he took for granted,
yet a friendship still remains


A last name grown from the
Borderlands in between, a
first name given of the light

Strong, independent, but never
wilful, she lived with a gentleness
that others felt inspired

To him it was the opening of a
third age, a journey never taken
but always needed nonetheless


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Rose coloured glasses
hide eyes bloodshot from
way too many nights of
clouded dreams. Invaded
by memories from another time
and place he tosses and turns
his way through a reality
he can only ever pray
to experience. A
past without a future…

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Symmetry   Leave a comment


to know a sense of
harmony and beauty
in proportion and balance
where division into two
can bring to each
a mirror image of soul
where in transformation
the individual pieces
can be separated
as long as each shape
does not change
there will always remain


as invariance
a lack of change
our bodies
left and right
upper and lower
bilaterally symmetric
for purpose
yet I will challenge
the science of biology
for our separate hearts
will always be in


where we display
empathy and sympathy
apology and dialog
respect and justice
where we speak
“we are all the same”
and deny
“I am special; better than you”
a peer relationship or
a power relationship
I know which I choose
do you


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I drink too much
I dream too often
are the two connected
you tell me
I won’t tell you
or do I
dream too much
because I drink
too often
there is no connection
I will never tell you
no way
it is the way
any excuse will do

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The Weekend Ends

The coffee shop discussions were, different
They sounded more like the seagulls I had just photographed
I was as the pelican, I sat quietly in the middle

At the German sausage stall no one knew where the queue started or stopped
In the end, I just stood in the one space
Everyone moved around me – I had Bratwurst without sauerkraut

The learner driver moved out into traffic
I don’t know where the passenger got his licence
I closed my eyes then drove the other way

The sky was blue, the sea was blue or green or turquoise
The sand was sort of a, sandy colour
The spinnaker on the yacht was a vibrant purple

The air was different; like yesterday it seemed to lack
Or did it have, more (maybe space)

Somewhere, someone, received a surprise
They were joyful, elated, scared, bemused
Maybe even a little…

Tea was a beautiful homemade soup
The shows on television were incredibly bad
I ironed four shirts and a pair of pants

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