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A surfer sits
rocky southern points are best
on shore waves are dumping

Footprints tattoo the sand
like henna
the art is temporary

On a rocky point to the north
a fisherman’s silhouette
casts to the depths

Two kayaks ride a wave in
as two struggle to leave
timing is everything

At sea eight ships sit
straining on anchors
as the salt water rusts

From a beautiful blue sky
clean white seagulls dive
the fisherman is envious

On the edge of the sand
a woman sits
alone but not lonely

Under her coloured parasol
there is a smile I can see
even in the shade

As I turn towards my car
and search for my keys
she waves

I look behind but I am alone
I look back but she is gone
I look to the ocean


Posted 25/05/2015 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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