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Will kiss for kisses
Will spoon for spoons
Will look because I can see
Will listen because I can hear
Will speak because I have a voice
Will cry because I have tears
Will sleep because I am tired
Will because I can


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An explosive speech

Come out and step up

We never want to do that

The study of decision making 

With politicians unwilling

An expletive-laden outburst

To clear festering culture

The public deserve resolution

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A surfer sits
rocky southern points are best
on shore waves are dumping

Footprints tattoo the sand
like henna
the art is temporary

On a rocky point to the north
a fisherman’s silhouette
casts to the depths

Two kayaks ride a wave in
as two struggle to leave
timing is everything

At sea eight ships sit
straining on anchors
as the salt water rusts

From a beautiful blue sky
clean white seagulls dive
the fisherman is envious

On the edge of the sand
a woman sits
alone but not lonely

Under her coloured parasol
there is a smile I can see
even in the shade

As I turn towards my car
and search for my keys
she waves

I look behind but I am alone
I look back but she is gone
I look to the ocean

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White caps
Whistling woman
Fluro yellow highlighter
Missing friends
Single chairs for one body
Arms crossed
Hair flowing
How ya goin, a small latte please
Bike rolls by, this one, with a rider
Warm scarf
Rubbing hands
Memory searching
Lonely hurting
Roof falling from an empty light socket
Why does the fan turn
Air circulates itself

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Missing the missed
Missed missing the missed more
Much more missed in missing much more
Tangible to the missed
Tangible to the missing
Concrete form to abstract concept
Or abstract concept to concrete form
To collect into a missing body
To provide a body to the missed
To represent an abstraction in bodily form
Did I miss the missed
Did I miss the mark

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