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Deja Vu   Leave a comment

Deja Vu

No words can encompass our souls.
Past lives have been led.
Deja vu tells us that our
moments have already been taken,
in a different time, a different setting.

You may not end this voice, but you
have been known to end my sentences
in so many pre loved lifetimes.
This may be a flaw but we have
accepted so many of those in our pasts.

Intensity has driven us through many
highs and lows. Side by side
our connection has been twinned
since the beginning of time.
We answer before the question is asked.

To secure and protect we are
each others guardian angels.
We do not belong to those who
would play on our insecurities.
To those souls we do not connect.

Comfort and confidence allows us
to look into each other’s eyes when talking.
This is a deep-seated connection.
Walking away is no easy thing, for
some things are worth the fight.

Deja Vu

No words can encompass your soul.
Past lives have been led…


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It’s Right   Leave a comment

don’t get me wrong
it’s not right
oh it’s so right it’s wrong
wrong not right
what’s wrong is it’s not right
is that wrong
or right
is it right that it’s right
or wrong that it’s wrong
am I wrong that it’s wrong
or wrong that it’s right
I want it to be right

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That Day   Leave a comment

That Day

that day,
the day you leave,
that will not be the saddest day,
for that day,
will already have come and gone

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She – You   Leave a comment

She – You

she stands in the sun
casts a beautiful shadow
you cannot move
blinking, just once,
she is gone

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queen bee   Leave a comment

queen bee

she sits
at the head of the hive
the worker bees scurry to
feed her titbits of juicy gossip
she will never be sated

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Never Soon Enough   Leave a comment

Never Soon Enough

his head strikes at nothing
though the pain is real
she stands and laughs
time won’t change the ending
it just won’t come soon enough

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Watching   Leave a comment


I’m watching her,
watching them
talking to each other,
she sips her coffee
smiles to herself
almost laughing,
a book on her lap not
even pretending to read,
She is becoming obvious now,
I sit, watching her,
watching them,
her lips begin to curl,
is that still a smile
or more of a sneer,
she bows her head and
now pretends to read, but
I can see her eyes peering
over the rim of her glasses.
I’m still watching her,
watching them,
Is that a little condensation
I now see before me.
a slight shake of her head,
a glance now disapproving,
changing to a look of
head shaking disgust.
does she not like their
cheerful manner of speech
the pleasantness of their
voice or the buoyant
manner of their motion.
I know what she is thinking for
it is written all over her face
I have heard her type of words before,
not even spoken they scream so loudly,
“look at those lovely boys, lovely you know
for ‘them’. I wonder if their mothers know.
I hope I don’t have to sit next to them
on the plane.”
shivers run my spine
I thought we had learnt more

I feel as if I am being watched

a man sits
watching me
watching her
watching them

I wonder what he sees

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