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Not Quite Klimt   3 comments

It’s not the kissing that excites, it’s when it stops
when we nestle our heads into each other
when we let the spirits flow between us
when we understand that we do not have to kiss


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Garage Sale   Leave a comment

A myriad of emotions
A bag of assorted feelings
A suitcase full of memories
A clutch of friends no more
A handful of times forgotten
A push of unwanted rejections

These things that were
That I can no longer carry
They are now for sale
But the life still to be lived
in this well used body
I will give to you for free

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The Day   Leave a comment

The Day

The day you realise that you have become


Will be the day that I will stand


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Finding Dreams   Leave a comment

Finding Dreams

I read pages of
other people’s

I look for
lines of dreams
I will not write

I find dancers
that pirouette
on words

Hear voices
that cry
for redemption

I have read this book
from cover to cover
I have not found…

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We All Still Need   Leave a comment

We All Still Need

Despite the collection
despite the confirmation
despite the issue of intelligence
I need you to give me the evidence,
that piece of factual information,
that will establish my truth

For that which I want to know
I need to see your cognitive process
for establishing the validity of
proof that you say you hold
I feel your evidence may be thin and
lack the calculation of all properties

What have you read to test your truth
what molecular structure of my words,
what determination, substantiation
have you documented to ensure
that your words are error free and
not just an automation for my needs

Attestation, authentication, confirmation
these words and actions that confirm,
or is that conform, they are not strange
nor unnatural, for in this world today
everybody still needs
a little validation

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Without End   Leave a comment

Without End

I have a specified,
mathematical context
My value is always fixed,
Yet often unknown to me
I am unaware of the formula,
But I know one exists

Unchanging in nature,
I am steadfast in purpose
Some will see me as incessant,
But you may see me as you will
It may seem to some, but I am not just
An experimental or theoretical condition

Continuous not occasional
Endless but not erratic
Sustained not random
I will not change
I will not vary

I will always be – constant

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Memories of Silence   Leave a comment

His soul sits amongst the quiet
shadows of curious guardian spirits

It looks to the heavens but sees
only the lights that do not shine

In the distant backwater of an old mind
it walks with memories of silence

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