Me?   2 comments

We are,
he is,
I am.

We are he, I am his.

They are,
they were.

He was,
he wasn’t.

I am,
I wasn’t,
I was.

Weren’t they,
were they?

Why was he
if he wasn’t,
and they were?

Do we know,
does he know,
if he doesn’t,
who does?

I know,
I was,
but I,
was never asked.

We are.

He is.

I am.

Are we?

Is he?

Was he?

Who wasn’t.

He is.



Posted 11/01/2015 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Me?

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  1. This was an open door! My mind immediately wanted to answer the unanswerable questions!!!

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