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Breathe In Breathe Out

For me to tell you where I am,
first close your eyes,
stand gently
listen and
inhabit the
world around you

breathe in, breathe out

Taste the air,
let your tongue sit
upon your lower lip
where you will feel
the gentle salted fall
of time and place

breathe in, breathe out

Listen to the toll,
that gentle slap of
one against another
that rhythmic rolling
never ending surge
of tidal being

breathe in, breathe out

In the early morning,
turn your body until
you feel the warmth
of daylight hours
spread upon the eastern
cover of your face

breathe in, breathe out

Turn slowly to your right,
walk barefoot across
the grass and when you
feel the pine needles
beneath your feet,

breathe in, breathe out


Posted 29/12/2014 by DarKarsean in Uncategorized

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