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Breathe In Breathe Out

For me to tell you where I am,
first close your eyes,
stand gently
listen and
inhabit the
world around you

breathe in, breathe out

Taste the air,
let your tongue sit
upon your lower lip
where you will feel
the gentle salted fall
of time and place

breathe in, breathe out

Listen to the toll,
that gentle slap of
one against another
that rhythmic rolling
never ending surge
of tidal being

breathe in, breathe out

In the early morning,
turn your body until
you feel the warmth
of daylight hours
spread upon the eastern
cover of your face

breathe in, breathe out

Turn slowly to your right,
walk barefoot across
the grass and when you
feel the pine needles
beneath your feet,

breathe in, breathe out


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flayed up along the shoreline
dragged back into the sea
feeling of a grain of sand
rolled and rocked
back and forth
never ending


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the bay is brown (or grey)
the water is choppy
the time reads 15 min
before, it read an hour
slowly, cars drive by
a woman breast feeds
cars park
windows window
chairs sit
hearts bleed
hormone shots are subsidised
one dog strains the leash
as another drives by
winds blow
minds sleep
common sense thinks (or not)
a coffee buzz, a coffee buzz, a coffee buzz
the time reads 18 min
bladders wait for no man or woman
a mind in turmoil
a customer in need
a barista at the end of his shift
a heart at the end of its tether
as the art on the wall hangs
the conversation comes to an end
as thoughts go on forever
all that’s missing is someone to talk to
the coffee cup is empty

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Yet often
A third wheel
Or maybe the fifth
An accessory not needed
And always the odd man out
Never seeing an insult they
Ask him to tag along
He arrives on time
Stands apart
Like an extra
But never in a film
His dialogue is small
On a two piece lounge
He takes the single chair
He sits awkward
Then leaves

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