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A Beautiful Shadow

a single, white, LED light throws
a feeble shadow in the darkness

the glass of shower walls and door
surrender quickly to a rising steam
as hot water strikes hard on the
back of his neck

his head bows to a
deity known only to himself
alone, this near darkness blankets
itself around him

closing his eyes he
stretches his arms to the east and west
fingertips reaching in either direction
for an imaginary destination

slowly he raises his head
from his art of divination and
brings his arms around to embrace
a phantom figure he now sees before him

he smiles, his head tilts slightly to the left
and he brings the head of this phantom
figure to rest upon his right shoulder,
then his head tilts back to rest upon hers

the single, white, LED light still throws
a single shadow in the darkness

no matter what he knows to be the truth,
in his mind the palm of his left hand sets
gently into the nape of her neck as his right
hand plays musical notes upon her spine

body to body they rock gently under
the spearing water, taking turns to
feel the strike of thousands of
needles into their scorching skin

he feels of love but not lust, of
sensuality but not sex, yet his words
will never describe these feelings, for
he greatly fears the shadows of speech

when the water turns cold against his skin
he feels her body slowly falling away from his
and as the last sense of touch leaves him he
closes his eyes so he does not see her leave

shivering as he stands in the near darkness
he looks out through the slowly disappearing
steam on the glass door to catch a glimpse
of a strange movement on the wall outside

a single, white, LED light throws
a beautiful shadow upon the wall


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handmade mats of vivid
colour twined tasseled ends
sold for a penny
bartered for a laugh
the expense not always
in the handshake

barefoot blistered
begs for refuge
listen to your heart
to your soul
there it begins
it should not end

I will take you to the
shore of an abandoned sin
there to judge yourself
not them and see
you cannot make
a mat from water

handmade mats of vivid
colour twined tasseled ends

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Death   1 comment

death is a prick of a thing for the undeserved…

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