Slow Down   1 comment

Breaking heart and soul
I have trouble excusing
this smell of perfume that
permeates my mind

Slow down

Wonderful to think she said
I thought of the trees,
and the dreams of night
became a calm of worship

Slow down

Joy is a many splendid thing
did I really speak this cliche
or is it love
often times not splendid

Slow down

Of rose of wine of dandelion
of many hearts all in a row
swept in to the corner of
another lust we never win

Slow down

Dying fingers reach out
an unattached heart recoils
how many breaths are left
how many words

Slow down

Riding garlands of colour
this close to nature will
if you want… oh wait
you’ve heard that before

Slow down

Softly a voice is heard
it is of no stranger
living now not then
time slows the sound

Slow down

The moon sits lightly
in half crescent sky
in this voyage of time
take your own advice

Slow down

Posted 07/08/2014 by DarKarsean in Life, Love, Musing, poem, poetic, poetry, Uncategorized

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  1. read slowly, with appreciation

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