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Someone Else’s Love Poems

She sleeps at night with a book
of Linda Goodman’s love poems
sitting face up on her bedside table

Read only once she remembers with
accuracy, the spaces and places of every
written word upon the browning pages

Today felt like her Capricorn calendar
and although she was in fact only 20
her mind felt every day of 92

She had tried so many times to say,
h h h h h h h h hello, she would stutter,
would you go out with me tonight

That stable of lines, of passionate times
straight from her book of love poems
in what world did this Linda Goodman live

In her mind she had read from front to back
from back to front and random ways between
to break the patterns she was sure existed

In the Moon in Libra, growing old gracefully
she saw herself mirrored in every line, the
grey night swallowed all his visions of love

If this haste of waste was paced it did so well
she left behind those things she hoped that
she could live without – now only time would tell

Loveless she would lay to bed each night
reading love poems from memory
and dreaming of lovers never to be


to the night   1 comment

to the night, goodnight
I know you well, but let
me rest with peace
The rain falls, I can hear
it on my small space
of corrugated tin roof
Stir me not, do you not
know the memories you bring
You invoke the colour red
and a father spending
hours in a midday sun
You are rhythmic, hypnotic,
you call me from that waved
shape of,
that waved shape of,
I do not know
Gentle you fall
gently as a whispered
breath upon the neck
of one you love
Rain upon a youthful time
Let me sleep
in peace

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Slow Down   1 comment

Breaking heart and soul
I have trouble excusing
this smell of perfume that
permeates my mind

Slow down

Wonderful to think she said
I thought of the trees,
and the dreams of night
became a calm of worship

Slow down

Joy is a many splendid thing
did I really speak this cliche
or is it love
often times not splendid

Slow down

Of rose of wine of dandelion
of many hearts all in a row
swept in to the corner of
another lust we never win

Slow down

Dying fingers reach out
an unattached heart recoils
how many breaths are left
how many words

Slow down

Riding garlands of colour
this close to nature will
if you want… oh wait
you’ve heard that before

Slow down

Softly a voice is heard
it is of no stranger
living now not then
time slows the sound

Slow down

The moon sits lightly
in half crescent sky
in this voyage of time
take your own advice

Slow down

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