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Someone Like You   Leave a comment

she said,
and she said,
and both of them said
and even he said

I should have married someone like you

but when I was young enough
and handsome enough
somehow, then,
I was never good enough

They would never have married someone like me

Today, as then,
I could never understand
what they were looking for,
that they could never see in me

Looking back, I am not so sure
I could have married someone like them


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The Awakenings   Leave a comment

The Awakenings

You turn away the clock at 2am
Slip beneath the layers of self
Try to close your eyes to the darkness
And look again for the elusive one

Searching for the sinner within
Or the saviour or any one or thing
Three hours have passed and the
Lonely bed holds no redemption

Tossing and turning and crying
These are the never ending nightly
Thoughts that rage within your mind
Idiotic, silly and nearly all impossible

But that doesn’t stop them coming
Your mind races, your heart has palpitations
Your body joins the tossing and turning
Bed clothes cold one minute hot the next

Why tonight you ask – why tonight
Your awakenings haunt you like no other
You do not, cannot, call them dreams
For you make the conscious paths they walk

No sandman to send you off to sleep
And tonight the pills seem not to work
Though you can be silly, you will not take more
To lay with eyes wide open will be your lot

Settle the awakenings and cut the
Impossible from this raging herd
Halve the thoughts in your mind
What you have left are only the possibles

Let your mind settle and your eyes droop
Take the small mercies as they come
Do not think, of the previous night
Your focus is tonight and the nights sleep


And if you must, then take a glimpse at just
One last thought of the impossibilities in your life
Then close your eyes and sleep the path
and sleep the path and sleep and sleep


In 4 hours you will be up

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