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hands shred hands
as his hands shred his hands
his hands claw
his hands scratch
his hands rip and tear
plunging gouging shredding cutting flaying
carving from skin upon skin upon scar
upon chest upon arm
gut torn
heart burst body hurt mind blown

hands shred his body as his hands shred
his body as his hands shred his mind
hands defiling his body black noise
black discordant sound of black dog
black dog of sharp teeth
teeth shred as hands bleed
as his hands shred his hands
as his hands breaks skin
grey bricks hit black temples
red blood stains whiskers

one more one more one more
one more cheque his mind can’t cash
his hands shred circles upon circles
his mind a mess back to the beginning
change the colour leave black
nails shredding
get this mind
aching clawing aching
black dog be gone
hands grasp hands


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you don’t call she said no phone no talk no skype no text you don’t talk to me unless we meet where need is met you don’t talk to me do you regret do you forget your lack of thought and lost respect leaves me alone when nights are set and darkness fills the spaces left – call me

I don’t want to upset the cart he said to make things wrong live with regret if signals sent are not signals met I see your eyes their pools so deep I cannot read your signs to me I sit confused yet held in sway by words and beats heard every day I think it should be you – call me

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No Invitations   Leave a comment

I sit in the concourse of the Metro

I watch the people

I watch, the green, the red, the brown, the blues
the ever changing train timetables

The last remnants of the food court cry
The lettuce is droopy, the bread is soggy
The hot food is quickly going cold
The first drug deals for the weekend have been done
(after all, this is Friday night)

The same man I saw sitting here this morning is sitting here this afternoon
I suppose he is thinking the same of me

Everyone’s hair is looking the worse for wear
Their work shoes seem a little more scuffed
His pants are sagging more than usual
Her bra strap slips off her shoulder, she is too tired to lift it up

The yellow tables and chairs of the food court are lined up military style
The scavenger birds have gone, the scraps swept away

I look at my phone again
There are no late invitations for drinks
I watch the changing signs
Nine minutes till the next all stations train
Time to join the throng

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thirty minutes ate away at the time of my life
faster it went as the clock moved anti – but not wisely
clouds stopped, suspended, sitting not moving
trees withdrew growing smaller as they sunk into the ground
birds flew backwards into the shell of their own birth
the graves of dead animals disgorged living skeletons
meat eaters vomited living cows
vegetarians drew carrots from their mouth
as they picked at the green in their teeth
fruitarians levitated and found themselves
hanging by their heads in trees
the soil of the earth was replaced with ocean
the ocean was replaced with earth – Atlantis was found
Hitlers treasure submarine – there were no survivors
on the Titanic the band still played, Leonardo DiCaprio was not found
the houses of the parliaments drowned, laws turned to mush
the earth twisted on it’s axis, the antichrist became the christ
the archangel became the devil, or was he still the devil
swords cleaved heads of the living dead
the actual living prayed for such mercy
this was the time of my life, this was all the time I had
thirty minutes to tell you my most important feelings
then all this other shit happened

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Fill The Space If You Wish

I want to tell …
how I …
how I sleep …
in the minutes …
in between …
how my heart …
where my gaze …
as my hands …
on my lips …
of your …
forever …
for now …
where we …
to follow …
to share …
today is …
tomorrow will …
the past is …
a future with …
dreams are …
a way …
only now …

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Error on Page   Leave a comment

never game
step back in time
back your mind
move forward
be what you will be
don’t leave things
turn off idle chat
verbal crap
don’t lie
move forward

error on page

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This Thing   Leave a comment

this thing

this thing is
this thing is a good thing
this thing is why we breathe
this thing is why our hearts beat
this thing is why we lay awake at night
this thing is why we think the things we do
this thing this thing this thing
this thing is a good thing
isn’t it

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