The Last Winter   2 comments

The Last Winter

1st June

The last of the summer leaves have fallen, autumn has set
I will not see another spring, this, is now my last winter

I have many words to say, but at my life’s end, know that
it will be the sound of your words that I will miss the most

Over the years of our knowing I have sat quietly and listened
to a you that I could never truly know, we were so different

Yet I remember laying side by side under a canopy of dreams,
taking in as much the atmosphere of the forest, as of our lives

1st July

The memories, books strewn around us; you reading On The Road again,
as I struggled to finish Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance just once

I read to you my badly written, overly long, bush love poem, you
heard every word, you never blinked, you told me it was lovely

You read to me so many times, I had an insatiable longing for your voice,
even when we were apart, my mind could hear the elocution of your words

Once we read together; a small, wonderful piece constructed in tandem
it was nothing, it was something, it was everything – it was only once

1st August

I feel the cold within me, even you warmth cannot move this chill,
the cold wind brings words I have not heard before (or want to hear again)

I see the cracks beginning in my writing, the number of unfinished lines
now takes more space than those I consider well crafted and complete

Even as, my voice is, my mind is, my feelings are brittle to the point of
breaking, I still love. But let us face the truth, our truth will never be spoken

I am less sure now of the words to say, than what I was two months ago,
lets leave it as it is, and take the days as …

29 August


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  1. you’re work is haunting, chilling, and oh so mesmorizing!

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