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in the walking
of city streets
he becomes invisible

a forgotten man
of concrete heart
and quicksand friends

he knows the
sadness of crowds
the tears of false lovers

the loneliness
of open spaces
in caged thoughts

and the revulsion
of intimate touch
paid for by the hour

time is immaterial
but 24 hours in a day
is way too long

body fails
mind aches
soul despairs

if things happen
for a reason he is
yet to find out why

love rejects a
saddened man
when he cannot

saddened man
sad man
sad …


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I Thought I …   2 comments

I Thought I …

From left ventricle
elastic artery runs
distensible life flow
of smooth muscle
nerves intimal cells
endothelial cells
fibroblast-like cells
aortic arch of
information relay
to medulla oblongata
processed by the brain
autonomic nervous system
mediates homeostatic responses

and all this time
I thought I was in love

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