Hurrah – Huzzah   Leave a comment

It’s one things to hear those noises
it’s another thing to argue with them
The eyes provide no rescue, if you eat
the fried chicken you will be poisoned

These disparate personal adventures will
have you saying that that’s the way you like it

We all know better but the toxicology results
will say you were wrong to eat the mushrooms
Did you take the overdose by choice, did you
take the overdose by choice, did you …

I thought about it often but my homecomings were
nothing like yours, I was short on the outgoings

I know, you know, I know you, know
unlimited new thoughts absorbed in seconds
Just that little bit longer, that’s what it was
essential, elemental, fundamental, or relative

Hurrah, hurrah – huzzah, huzzah, it doesn’t matter
which, for there always comes great responsibility
Feel what’s next but don’t let on you know
even if you body can’t move let your mind …


Posted 28/03/2014 by DarKarsean in Life, Musing, poem, poetic, poetry, Uncategorized

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