My friend wants Bill Murray to come to Brisbane Australia so he can host a poetry slam in honour of Bill Murray – spread the word – lets get Bill   Leave a comment

Scott Sneddon said:

“I have dreams. Big dreams. One of which is to host a poetry slam in honour of Bill Murray.
Will you help me get Bill Murray’s attention?
We can raise funds to fly Bill Murray here to Brisbane so we can do our odes to Bill Murray with maximum effect and do Maximal poems to Bill Murray for cheap laughs and confused expressions.
Who will help?
Who ya gonna call?
When you need to get the attention of Bill mothafuckin ghost bustin ass Murray.

Bill Murray saga day 2.

The Dan Akroyd twitter hasn’t been used since 2011.
Decided to ask The RZA.
Because if anyone can appreciate the need to have a poetry slam in Bill Murray’s honour in Brisbane, Au, and have Bill Murray there, surely it’s RZA?
I don’t care either way it’s an excuse to be like
“Yo RZA, what ya up to? Wanna get Bill Murray’s attention for me? You know I’m gonna be all over that next Wu shit. You’re practically my dad RZA. Wu raised me. So dad, where the fuck is uncle Bill we wanna have a mad party with him”


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