Lacrimation   2 comments



here, is my liquid soul
a releasing of my emotion
by me, for me, for you

it may be an overflow of sadness
or happiness, where measure
will never be found equal


in regret or anger it will show
no difference – never clear –
collected, it will have no gender

from the corner of my eye
in that place of furtive glance
awe and elation will be released


within the culture of my dreams
that which is of me, it will never be
undignified or infantile to express

there will be no insincere display
no pretence of crocodile, taste
the salt as it will lay upon my cheek


breathing will be convulsive, the
upper body will spasm, look in to
the eye to capture the moment

it will always start with one and though
age may slow it, to know the truth,
look within the eye and see my



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2 responses to “Lacrimation

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  1. I was almost put off by the title, Tony, but something made me read on… taught me a lesson. I knew that lacrimation means the flow of tears but it’s a word that I’d taken against for the form / feel of it, I guess what I’m saying is that this particular word has never appealed to me. However, you have created a lovely poem.

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