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Hurrah – Huzzah   Leave a comment

It’s one things to hear those noises
it’s another thing to argue with them
The eyes provide no rescue, if you eat
the fried chicken you will be poisoned

These disparate personal adventures will
have you saying that that’s the way you like it

We all know better but the toxicology results
will say you were wrong to eat the mushrooms
Did you take the overdose by choice, did you
take the overdose by choice, did you …

I thought about it often but my homecomings were
nothing like yours, I was short on the outgoings

I know, you know, I know you, know
unlimited new thoughts absorbed in seconds
Just that little bit longer, that’s what it was
essential, elemental, fundamental, or relative

Hurrah, hurrah – huzzah, huzzah, it doesn’t matter
which, for there always comes great responsibility
Feel what’s next but don’t let on you know
even if you body can’t move let your mind …


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Grind   Leave a comment


face grind
mind grind
teeth grind

this life grinds
this soul grinds
this body grinds

feel our anxiety grind
our helpless thoughts grind
our inner feelings grind

we put back into the grind
we rebel against the grind
we suffer in silence the grind

grinding away our beliefs
grinding away our soft edges
grinding away our humanity

we grind as daylight rises
we grind as darkness falls
we grind asleep and awake

we grind where we shoulder
we grind as we lose love
we grind away dignity

we grind within
we fight within
we lose within

we grind
we grind
we grind

we grind

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Kiss Me   Leave a comment

lip to lip

lip to kiss

kiss and kiss

kiss and miss

miss the miss

miss the kiss

kiss …

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the dark house   Leave a comment

the dark
the house
the dark house
the house is dark
the house in darkness
the darkness in the house
the dark windows in the dark house
the dark rooms inside the darkened house
the dark shadows cast in the rooms of the dark house
the knife in the hand of the shadow cast in the dark house
the darkened body shadowed by the darkness in the darkening house
the scream

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Forever   Leave a comment

no way, would I lie,
but I would, lay, with
you, with the music,
that rips, my mind,
I’ve heard it, before,
when the rain, came,
upon darkness, dark
heart, on, dark road,
where it has, this,
this cold grey, mind,
no colour, yet despair,
when, it questions,
my skin, crawls
under pressure,
I lose, feeling, in
conservative life
of, rebel, yearning,
dreaming, dream,
ending in, ashes,
to ashes, from
light, years of
broken man, clashes,
pressure, down,
drowned, in Speyside,
in want, of whisky,
and/or, an original sin,
I, don’t think, I can,
cannot, wait till, forever

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Lacrimation   2 comments



here, is my liquid soul
a releasing of my emotion
by me, for me, for you

it may be an overflow of sadness
or happiness, where measure
will never be found equal


in regret or anger it will show
no difference – never clear –
collected, it will have no gender

from the corner of my eye
in that place of furtive glance
awe and elation will be released


within the culture of my dreams
that which is of me, it will never be
undignified or infantile to express

there will be no insincere display
no pretence of crocodile, taste
the salt as it will lay upon my cheek


breathing will be convulsive, the
upper body will spasm, look in to
the eye to capture the moment

it will always start with one and though
age may slow it, to know the truth,
look within the eye and see my


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Breathe   Leave a comment


Move in
Move out
Move in
Move out
Air, life
Air, life
Quick, slow
Deep, shallow
Inhale, exhale
Physiological respiration
Contract diaphragm
Flatten diaphragm
Breath in
Breath out

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