I Just Can’t Imagine   Leave a comment

I Just Can’t Imagine

I look for smiles on the dials on the faces of places where joy should live only to find in the grime of facial lines the story times and other signs of wasted minds and family and religious crimes in the sands of warring clans where genocide and patricide and matricide reside alongside depression repression regression aggression with broken knuckles belt buckles busted lips broken kids truths hid dragged up hit up fucked up fucked over fucked again by hidden sins hidden away hidden from sight of day not spoken trust broken laid off paid off sent off told again to fuck off to where they cannot care cannot share cannot find the time to embrace engage enjoy grow up grow old just grow to show they have a mind to be kind to turn back the years to replace the tears and ongoing fears with a caring and sharing living without scarring or marking using or abusing lives too young too weak to stand up speak up show up show down a religious clown with his pathetic sounds of protection of church not state showing no love only hate for those who dare to speak to entreat justice not rough but justice true fuck me fuck them I just can’t imagine.


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