Writing at 4am   3 comments


the sounds of birds
an hour before the sun
shotgun ownership
sounds so right


coffee at 4am tastes
as good as the one
I will have at 10


a three hour sleeping tablet
I could only ask for half my money back


love at 10am
love at 11am
love at 12pm
love at 1pm
love at 2pm
love at 3pm
love at 4pm
love at 5pm
love at 6ppm
love at 7pm
love at 8pm
love at 9pm
love at 10pm
love at 11pm
love at 11.59pm
through to, woo hoo,
love at 12.01am
love at 2am
love at 3am
love at 4am
love at 5am
love at 6am
love at 7am
love at 8am
love at 9am

from one day to the next


ghostly foot falls
at night fall
in darkened
country halls
make girls ball
and stomachs tall
become wastelands small
when in fact if they had called
those mysterious foot falls
would be known to all
by their mothers call

“I’m just looking for the light switch”


top of high wooden fence
on property next door sees sunlight
before my bedroom window


it really is coldest before the dawn – I know why


eyelids droop
dreams beckon
I have already seen
the nightmare


Posted 08/02/2014 by DarKarsean in Life, Musing, poem, poetic, Uncategorized

3 responses to “Writing at 4am

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  1. Well done and very true to life! πŸ™‚ (Pete says at 4:09)

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