(12) – Ancient Scattered Remains   Leave a comment

(12) – Ancient Scattered Remains

As I travel ancient forests
Silence will diminish
My night journey and
It is there in my mind
That one pathway will close
And another will open

The night is cool and silent
Do I question the silence
Or the tightness of strings
Or just watch
As the puppeteer moves
Cold with sweat

Alone on the ancient sea
There is a cool wind
When the ships go down
They are a soul relished
A last breath maybe
In a world seen differently

Walking ancient moorings
Along silent slow rivers
It is my reflection in her
Timeline that I cherish
Yet even as I weather her storm
I am still just an ancient man
On some nights I dream
On other nights I scream

Cooling rivers of ancient summer
Flowing outward to the sea
Places of unassailable privacy
Where even with a joining of hearts
My actions are still irrational
Though my motives are irresistible
I have if nothing else
A belief in my action


Posted 31/12/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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