Fidelities in Grey 2   Leave a comment

Fidelities in Grey

We live our lives coloured by a spectrum of fidelities infinite in number dreaming without ending defining guilt filmed in black and white projected in grey crying for the deep red of bloodied knuckles dripping down translucent hands sucked by pale lips where orange haze as night ends sees morning sky green the colour with envy and the realisation that the blue breeze of lost time and never to be places will only highlight that grey monotonous colour made from the never ending blending of dark white and light black wishing for it to fade into a soul bruising indigo which will add yellow to the healing of heart and where violet is seen as the colour of loss no more no less for sometimes when colours are not clear fidelities will be finite and grey will just be a number squared


Posted 24/12/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Story Writing

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