(9) – This Minds Ocean

(9) – This Minds Ocean

the exhilarating dread of pursuing dreams
lays unsettled in the vastness of my mind
my soul tested against impossible delusions

created in a youthful mind beached upon
the rock of intractable hierarchies where
have my dreams gone (or the will to chase them)

have I been laid siege by the actions of others
or just self tested by the passing years
tell me if my dreams are real or fantasies

for years my mind has existed in a terrarium
of self observation as I kept and steered it
clear of the emotions and truths sealed within

my ability in a castaway mind is tested
I look for other dreamers who see the beauty
in foreign oceans and would join me

this minds ocean has unfathomable depths
its currents lack a steadiness for navigation
do I accept the invitation to sail


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