(18) – The Names of our Existence   Leave a comment

These are the names of our existence
that roll too easy off twisted tongue
we ignore their true meanings

Dictator, faker, despot, politician
greed, god, greed, good, greed
war, death, starvation, profits

These are the spoken words of ages
so many hold powers where none should belong

These are the names of my existence
that never roll off my tongue for
I am too scared to shout them out

Artist, philosopher, poet, friend
share, peace, sharing, peace, share
spirituality, wellness, home

These are also spoken words of ages
yet many hold powers that we never use

Our words are not stolen from us, we give
them up freely when we do not use them

Where one clan sings of power in twisted words
we are the ones who should translate the truth

Of those that try to control our existence
they cannot change what are absolute truths

These are the words of ages
Let them speak


Posted 11/11/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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