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It reminded him/her of a time, not this time, but another time, when things were different. When the hand she/he was holding was not the hand that he/she held now; when the love she/he felt was for another man/woman, not this woman/man, the one that he/she thought she/he felt for now. Then it was different. Then it was another time. Not daytime/nighttime but another time – when things were simpler. But now he/she felt that the other time, the another time, was repeating itself, was repeating itself. Who said that time was for all time, for a long time, not just the right time and now it was another time but would time wait, time wouldn’t wait for this other time. Love time, life time, her/his time, his/her time; in another time maybe. Time was getting away from her/him this time, maybe for all time, maybe, there would not be another time, another his/her time, this time. Her/his time was this time another time. But this time, he/her would set aside time for another time. Maybe I/we will write this another time.


Posted 12/10/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

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