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(26) – Scared of Darkness   Leave a comment

(26) – Scared of Darkness

The 20 watt globe casts little light
into the quarter acre back yard
It’s 7.30 at night, pitch black and I have
forgotten to close the chook pen

This is fox country, I’ve seen their
tails flying on the car aerials and I’ve
heard the sounds on the other side,
the other side of the back fence

I try to see past the end of the shadows
past where the light fades and the darkness,
to where the light fades and …
the darkness begins

(there’s a little bit of darkness in all of us really)

I run from the corner of the house to
the clothes line, hoping it is wound up
not down, my heart is pumping, pumping
yet I have only run five meters

It’s so fucking dark, the fucking darkness
No. It’s just dark – nothing else
I am only ten years old
I don’t know these words yet

My feet touch the couch grass as
I pass the end of the garden path
I duck in anticipation of the plum tree
branches, side stepping the apple tree

(how many barriers do we sidestep in our darkness)

From nowhere the wind roars angry dragon
Tripping over the new veggie patch
I scrape my knees as I hit the ground, the
wind blows through my mind and the willow trees

I return past plum trees, running
head first into the clothes line – fuck
I’m 16 now and taller than at ten
I know what fuck means

The darkness still scares me to forever
but never back, now I have no father to tell
Six years have passed since I first ran the dark
night and the wind still roars like dragons

(we all live through dark times – some better than others)

At the corner of the house I stop to light up
dragging deeply on the burning cigarette
I’m 22 now and the chooks are long gone
I don’t even think this is the sane house

Lightning lights up the dark night but
all it shows are more monsters
The sky is calm and dark, for these monsters
are in my mind, but they are still so real

At 28, I sit in a dark house – but not alone
Halloween holds no interest for this crowded mind
We live in a real word with real monsters
– dragon, gargoyle, serpent – not a child’s playground

(is this living through these dark times – am I still alive)

The 20 watt globe casts little light
into the quarter acre back yard
It’s 7.30 at night, pitch black and I have
forgotten to close the chook pen

I am scared of the darkness
Maybe I will be braver when I turn 11


(27) – Beneath the Elder Trees   Leave a comment

(27) – Beneath the Elder Trees

We will wish our names onto trees
Hazel Treefolk will sear their skin
proclaiming our love to the world,
their sentience bringing wisdom

In heart shaped earthly forest our
feet will run the dreaming floor
across leaves and fallen limbs,
renewing our energy for life

In time we will lay and sleep
beneath the elder trees and
there beside a welling spring,
we will become entwined as one

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(28) – Butterfly Dust   2 comments

(28) – Butterfly Dust

She could not turn time and
watched as the butterfly flew

Her heart gilded the air
when waves of butterfly dust
fell slowly from its wings

Her hands swirled in shapes
of twisting storm clouds and
budding cherry blossoms

She felt the air move,
and then through butterfly
dust, she watched the same

Her hands turned, twisted,
rising, drifted, floating from
east to west, arousing

The golden butterfly dust chased
the ever sensuous movements
of her curving hands

But time could not be stilled
and all too soon the will of
natures breath, scattered the dust

She could not turn time and
watched again as the butterfly flew

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(29) – Injection

NovoFine 32G Tip
0.25mm needle with a
0.23 mm needle tip

A tapered shape and
a polished surface
(it sounds like a vibrator)

Sterility is guaranteed
Sterile needles for single use
Do not bend or damage before …

Discard after …

Lantus SoloStar
(the force is strong)
100 ml – injection solution

Long action (basal) insulin
for single use only
(it looks like a fountain pen)

(or a sonic screwdriver)
but it doesn’t vibrate
maybe it’s the hands shaking

The time, the timing, the volume
it’s all important
I wouldn’t want to pass out in the middle of ………………………………..

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(30) – Yes or No   Leave a comment

(30) – Yes or No

If I were asked the question

not that question
that question that only has one answer
where the answer of no means no

but the other question
what would I say
yes … or … no

to say no
because the answer is no
valid – yes

or to say no
when the answer is yes
because to say yes proves
that I should have said no

to say yes
when the answer is yes
possibly – unwise

or to say yes
when the answer is no
definitely not wise – maybe

would I lie

would it be a lie
if I answered
either way

would I tell the truth



will I tell a lie



if I really did
would no
mean yes

if I didn’t
would yes
mean no




I don’t think I know

I’ll wait to be asked

Do you …

Yes … or … no

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Lost   1 comment

Love lost heart rings true
Four four beat with rhyme

Nothing else will matter
Finding can be easy
If it wants to be found

Singing the songs again
The head bows in resignation

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Aura   Leave a comment

To him,there was a familiarity,
an aura to her being,
rich and pure of heart her
soul had echoed a universe

Speaking in softened voice, the
ancient lyrics had imbued his body,
and his skin had thrilled to the
breath of her whispered verse

From time of auras past,
where words tumbled to sonnet,
it was these passions that
now engulfed his mind and soul

Within the recesses of his mind,
memories of eyes like sapphire blue
provoked his heart to follow
the validity of his dreams

This, was not the first time,
nor would it be the last,
for his heart was a heart
of unquestionable passion

Yet knowing the future of his
dreams were lost in the reality of
impossible circumstance
he …

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