I Remember My Sister   4 comments

I remember her green 1930’s gangster car sitting in the backyard at Coragulac
and then seeing it rusting away in a paddock by the highway through the Stony Rises

I remember the bacon and egg pie that she used to make in that
little flat in Barnard St in Bendigo – it was not a quiche

I remember Hobart, I remember the house, I remember the cold water
Hobart was cold even in summer

I remember when she used to store the white vinegar in the fridge
so too did dad for quite a while after that hot day in Kangaroo Flat

I remember the way she would take off in the car from the traffic lights
when traffic lights turned green, it meant go, she always followed the law

I remember her leaving the glass plate on top of the car as she drove through Wodonga
considering the previous, everyone was amazed it didn’t fall off, except maybe her

I remember staying with her and John when mum and dad went on holidays, many times
I remember trams and swimming pools and old cars and motor bikes and visiting Aunt Marie

I remember on the way home from school, when I would stay with her in Bendigo,
the “spider” she would buy me every day, ice cream and lemonade, mmm

I remember Dover Heights in Sydney, her Friday night devotions, the view from the cliff top
I remember driving through Sydney, I can’t remember if Rob said she hit the pedestrian or not

I remember the food, the meals, the ironing on the end of the kitchen table,
if we didn’t need the space to eat, then there was no need to move it

I remember …

I remember her listening to my whinging when I was diagnosed with a cancerous kidney and then diabetes
“you’ll be right Ants” she said – and I was

I remember her spirit, her knitting, her spirit, her spinning, her spirit, her faith, her spirit, her love
Remembering is what we will do


Posted 25/09/2013 by DarKarsean in Musing, poem, poetry, Uncategorized

4 responses to “I Remember My Sister

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  1. Beautiful, emotional writing.

  2. This is lovely…Tony. Really touching.

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